How to sell a property in Sweden

This article explains how to sell a property in Sweden.

Most people hire a broker to sell their property. The broker will help both the buyer and the seller through the process. The buyer does not hire a broker. To become a licensed broker, you need a formal education and a government license from Fastighetsmäklarinspektionen (FMI) (Swedish Estate Agents Inspectorate).

Hire a broker

When you have decided to sell your property it’s time to choose which broker you want to hire. There are many brokers and agencies to choose between - depending on where your property is located you can usually choose between bigger franchises and smaller, local agencies. There are pros and cons with both alternatives and it’s mostly about your personal preferences.

Often, it’s difficult to decide which broker to hire. Hittamäklare offers a service that will help you find brokers in your area. Hittamäklare connects you with up to three brokers that have performed well in your area based on their previous sales and recommendations from previous sellers. The brokers will contact you to introduce themselves and their offer, and thereafter it’s up to you to decide if you want to hire any of them. The service is free of charge

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Compare brokers

Some things to keep in mind while comparing brokers is their local knowledge, previous sales in the area, how the broker will promote your property and the commission. The commission the brokers offer varies, among other things based on what’s included in the price.


When you’ve picked a broker, he or she will guide you through the whole process. The broker will value your property, hold viewings, receive bids, and be responsible for the contract signing and all the paperwork.